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Santa Lucia Falls

Be With Gods Greatest Gift, Nature.

Sleep, wake, walk and swim amongst the waterfalls and ponds. Hear their changing song of harmony. Walk mindfully amongst the strangely wonderful shapes and sounds of primary forest trails carved by long ago inhabitants.

Arrive at what seems to be the top of your world, with breath taking scenes. Stand inside rainbows looking down to the Great Pacific while being refreshed by the mist of mountain top waterfalls, with each droplet hanging in the air as to resemble quartz crystals, a refreshing sauna for your soul.

Be grounded, energize and experience how you are a part of this most truly wonderful world.

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan - Santa Lucia Falls

Santa Lucia Falls

Welcomes You!

Open to anyone who wants to experience Costa Rica, naturally.

$80 for Adults

$50 for Children (12 and Under)

Enjoy a five hour guided tour thorough the rain forest, with expert wildlife spotting and observation, as well as travel to three unique and truly breathtaking waterfalls. End this once-in-a-lifetime experience by cooling off with a cliff jump into an amazing watering hole. A delicious, traditional Costa Rican meal rounds out your amazing day.


From the Costanera Road, at Km. 159, take the road up the mountain to San Josecito. (The road starts across Rancho La Merced, about 3 km north of Uvita).

Drive up the mountain for approx. 8 kilometers.  You will pass the San Josecito Church and the School on your left.  Keep going straight on the road until you get to a prominent, 1 car metal bridge over the river.  The guides will meet you there at the time agreed, usually 8am, unless other arrangements have been made.

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For your added convenience we have a representative in the United States who can help you with your reservation. If you are in Costa Rica please keep in mind we are often deep in the rainforest sometimes we do not have reception. We hope to hear from you soon!